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Sequent Management practices work together to help solve pressing global business, social and environmental problems.

Management For Business, Nonprofit, Higher Education and Social Enterprise

Sequent Management works internationally with senior managers in Business, Nonprofit and Social Enterprise to improve organizational effectiveness. Our areas of consultation include:

  • Communications
  • Marketing strategy
  • Operations analysis
  • Board development
  • Public relations
  • Special projects
  • Corporate social responsibility
Business & Operations Management

Sequent Management helps companies succeed by identifying key issues for planning, development and implementation. Examples include organizational design and effectiveness, strategic planning (SWOT), implementation and advice on human resources and employee recruitment:

“At CSRwire, Jan’s calm hand and deliberative approach focused our attention on the necessary tasks to turn the company around. She established a business and financial structure that provides for the long term development of the enterprise.” — Joe Sibilia, CEO, CSRwire LLC

“As a board member of Anthurium Solutions, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jan Morgan as she helped drive the company forward. She is a clear and clever thinker able to find the most important issues and focus on them to develop and implement ideas and plans to successfully guide and grow the company. She has clarity of vision and thinking, is aggressive about implementation, and drives us all towards success. She is a tough manager expecting total dedication and effort to match hers. Definitely one of the most impressive people I have had the pleasure to work with.” — Steven Smolinsky, President, Benari LTD

Project Management

Sequent Management helps companies and organizations design, plan and implement specific projects, such as:

  • Press conferences
  • Product launches
  • Business launches
  • Meetings and special events
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns

“Jan Morgan was the leading resource for a major pharmaceutical brand launch assisting me and my direct reports on the design, development and implementation of a new brand launch to our sales organization of over 1,000 sales people. The launch initiative was the first time in our company’s history that we went with Jan’s company – a different organizational capability for this objective. There was a lot at stake. The initiative came off flawlessly, achieving our objectives and exceeding our expectations. Jan brought innovation and creativity to an otherwise predictable national launch meeting. I would highly recommend Jan and her organization.” — Gary Gemian, Vice President, Gemini-Healthcare LLC

“Janet is an exceptional professional who worked on several projects for me at Dun and Bradstreet, where I was Executive Vice President for the Credit Division. She is an out of the box thinker with a commitment to the bottom-line. She conducted over $1 million worth of products for D&B and over $300,000 for me alone and all were finished on time and in an exemplary manner. I would recommend her highly for any company or individual seeking a consummate professional with sensational ideas and work ethic. She builds a strategic alliance and partnership with the team and your business. Her consultative skills and business acumen are truly outstanding.” — George Martin, EVP

Nonprofit and Social Venture Management

Sequent Management helps organizations fulfill their missions effectively now and into the future. We offer nonprofits and social ventures consulting services that combine business management and project management. These include:

  • Brand-building the social mission
  • Board counsel and development
  • Fundraising consultation, including list analysis, identifying funders, managing grant writers and mounting social media campaigns
  • Recruiting and managing teams of experts
  • Building partnerships with other organizations, governmental agencies and private companies to enhance reach and sustainability and improve effectiveness
  • SWOT analysis

“Janet was very supportive of our WFP projects and instrumental in helping us secure a grant for one of our emergencies and in organizing a large conference on the effects of the Tsunami.” — Hannah Laufer-Rottman, United Nations World Food Programme

“Janet and I worked in different areas of consulting to the nonprofit community. She has a fine reputation for being very smart and effective at what she does. I also found her to be highly professional and a pleasure to work with.” — Lorri Greif, CFRE, Owner, Breakthrough Philanthropy, Inc.”

“I accompanied Janet on visits to several of her clients — a diverse group that included two Orthodox Jewish charities in Brooklyn and the Alliance Francaise. She was extremely impressive. Her rapport with all these clients was remarkable despite the cultural differences, and the advice she gave was completely sound. Janet is a natural-born consultant.” — Mal Warwick, Founder & Chairman, Mal Warwick Associates

To have your requests reviewed contact us and outline your project considerations and time frame. Please note if your organization is a B Corporation.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Sequent Management offers consulting to companies of any size on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We help companies to improve:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Reporting
  • Social marketing
  • Governance practices
  • Community partnerships
  • Assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Communications and public relations on sustainability

“If I could pick one person to be in charge of the entire private sector, I would pick Jan Morgan. Her vision for a business world that is both profitable *and* accountable to workers, the environment and the common good is the path to a better future for us all. She’s a guru and the more we all listen to her, the better off we’ll be.” Sally Kohn, Senior Campaign Strategist, Center for Community Change

Agroforestry: Sustainable Land Use and Food Forests
Based in Costa Rica, our Sequent team uses an integrated approach that helps clients and directly benefits the environment. The practice includes the development and implementation of “food forests” that combine trees and shrubs with crops and/or livestock. We merge agricultural and forestry technologies that help alleviate hunger through more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, and sustainable land-use systems and the distribution of particular trees and shrubs.

To have your requests reviewed contact us and outline your location and areas of interest.

Representation For Non-Traditional and LGBT Family Office and Trusteeship

Sequent’s family office and personal representation practice is focused on helping Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Non-Traditional Families navigate changing tax and financial laws. The group offers trust and estate counsel, consulting services on business formation, wealth transfer and other potential business and individual initiatives.

“I have worked with Janet throughout the years. She is a visionary, creative, hands-on executive who makes things happen. Few executors or trustees can develop strategy and implement as well as Janet. She listens carefully to what clients want and then adds her magic. She is always professional and a pleasure to work with.” — Jill Manis, Chief Financial Officer, Zink Communications

“As a READ Global board member, Janet has consistently been a font of creative ideas and someone to rely on for help and information. She has brought a great deal of wisdom and experience to the board, that has always been much valued.” — Toni Neubauer, Founder, READ Global (Rural Education and Development)

To have your requests reviewed contact us and outline in as much detail as possible your situation and timeframe.

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